New album "The Confusions" out 10 September

New album from The Confusions with 10 tracks produced by Johan Sigerud & The Confusions.

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01 - Point Of No Return __4:38

02 - Oh God I Think I'm In Love __3:14

03 - It's So Quiet, It's So Cold __4:24

04 - Stuck In The Middle __3:09

05 - Yes & No (feat. Isabel Neib) __4:12

06 - Dream__5:01

07 - This Is War (feat. Johan Sigerud)__4:00

08 - Pavement__4:32

09 - Mother__4:36

10 - Music (feat. Frida Madeleine) __11:46



The EP "Oh God I Think I'm In Love". 4 tracks.

1. Oh God I Think I'm In Love

2. Can You Feel My Heart Beating (feat. Isabel Neib)

3. All Along The Watchtower (feat. Frida Madeleine) / Bob Dylan Cover

4. Just Walk Away


Produced by Johan Sigerud & The Confusions. You can find this release on Spotify,

iTunes and other digital distributors.

Listen to the EP on Spotify here: SPOTIFY


Release date 6th of May. P & C Massproduktion & The Confusions.

First single "It´s So Quiet, It´s So cold" is out now. A great tune with Zarah on lead vocals, a perfect mix of post-punk and indie mixed with modern flavours and sounds.


The video was made with a lot of help from our friends and fans in Portugal, USA, Mexico, Norway and Spain.


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Listen to the song on spotify here: SPOTIFY

The Confusions are:

Mikael Andersson-Knut – vocals, guitar

Fredrik Hast – guitar, backing vocals

Zarah Andersson-Knut – keyboard, vocals

Mattias Löfström – drums

Magnus Thorsell – bass


New upcoming releases during 2014, singles, ep´s and a new album.


The mischievous minds of this Swedish five-piece indie band have yet to experience a dull moment in their twenty year long career.

The Confusions have done it all, been signed to indie and major labels, been hailed by the British music press and at the same time rejected by the local papers, toured around the world, had a weird Amercian manager, had a sales flop and then at their next release a MTV hit. The band is now a powerful live machine consisting of six good friends with a genuine love for the music they create.



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